Google Adsense Revenue Drop After New UI

google adsense revenue drop after new ui

Have you noticed a Google Adsense Revenue Drop After New UI was introduced? Well, you are not the only one!

I noticed a big downturn in Adsense revenue since they introduced their new user interface and you need to know how to fix this problem right away.

When Adsense first introduced their new UI into each account, there was an option to either continue using the old version or switch to the new version of the console.

However, Google Adsense have now rolled out the new version totally and you must now use this version from now on.

Google Adsense Revenue Drop After New UI but what happened?

Apparently Adsense updated all the adverts as well, when they updated the new UI, especially the link ads which are now in a different colour scheme.

If you do a comparison of the traffic shown in Google Analytics with the traffic in Adsense, you might find a big difference, especially with the text adverts.

It would appear that the old adverts are not serving as well as they used to.

The solution?

Replace all of your Google Adsense advert coding! Yes, I’m afraid it can be a big job if you have a number of websites, but this is the only way to be sure your adverts have the latest code displayed on your websites.

If you are sceptical about what I am saying, then try creating new adverts just for one of your websites and replace the code in your website to see what I mean.

When I replaced the advert code with the new code, there was a significant increase in revenue.

Do Not forget your Caching and CDN

Remember that if you use a caching plugin (WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, etc.) or CDN (e.g. KeyCDN, Cloudflare, etc.), make sure to completely clear your cache after you replace the new Adsense code for your adverts, otherwise you old adverts will keep being served to your customers.

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