How Do I Buy Shares

How do I buy shares – have you always wanted to own a chunk of one of the big million pound companies, even if it was just a small chunk? But you have wondered how hard it is or have asked yourself how do I buy shares.

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To start you may not know what a share actually is. A share is basically a unit of value of a company. So if a company is worth £200 million and there are 100 million shares then each share is worth £2. The value of these shares can continually go up and down however.

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The reason companies sell shares is to raise capital and gain investors so that when the company goes well you too will do well out of the exchange by increasing your investment value.

How do I buy shares however? You can purchase shares by two different methods, on your own or with other people in a fund. If you are a first time investor and new to the game it can be safer to invest in a fund so that you are not just investing in one company.

If you just invested your money in one company and they don’t do as well you could lose your invest that you have put in. So by spreading the risk to several companies you will hopefully maintain your investment or improve on it.

The fun and thrill of investing is trying to figure out when the best time is to invest and when to pull your money when shares are dipping. Even the most experienced pros get it wrong, but it is all about taking a risk and hoping for it to pay off.

To help this you should invest on a regular basis to help reduce the impact of the markets ups and downs.

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How do I buy shares? Once you have set up your account you can search for the share you want to buy. You can pick to buy a number of shares, or a certain value, as long as you have enough money in your account to cover both this and any dealing charges.

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