The Technical aspects of Search Engine Optimisation totally intrigue me and I am constantly learning what is best for websites and SEO methods.

If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

What on earth am I alluding to, you might ask? Well, hats are very important when it comes to SEO, but not the ones you wear.

There are quite a number of techniques that can be used in SEO work and the industry has classified these loosely as White-Hat and Black-Hat SEO.

I use only White-Hat techniques and these are transparent, industry standard, Google approved methods of SEO practices. However, as in all industries, there is that “shady” side where some groups use Black-Hat tactics which run close to the wind or are downright wrong. They are looking for the quick fix that gets websites onto the front pages of search engines and will use basically any method to do this.

This is very short term thinking on their part and definitely not something you want to be associated with.

Technical SEO blackboard

Technical SEO

Always use good technical SEO methods

Better to use good SEO practises throughout and see your website grow slowly and steadily and continue to be in the rankings for a very long time.

This way you will have no fear of the dreaded Google penalties and will be able to sleep in bed at night too!

I always have done and will always stick to good SEO techniques, practises and technical SEO methods on all my websites and I would advise you to do the same.

Have a look through this group of pages on technical SEO problems and solutions I have come across whilst making and maintaining my own websites.

I keep adding pages as and when things occur on my sites and it is worth checking back for updates.

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