Start Your Own Blog For Free

you can start your own blog for free

Ready to take the plunge and start your own blog for free now?

Many people say they would love to start a blog and never get round to doing it, for a variety of reasons. Others really do want to get blogging and have a real interest and passion for it, but honestly just do not know where to start and how to get going.

In these articles, I want to take it slowly, one step at a time and help you to not only get started initially, but be there for you with the obstacles and challenges along the way when you are saying, can you start your own blog for free.

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So How Do You Start Your Own Blog For Free?

If you want to try it out for free to see if it is something you would like to do and see if you keep it going first, then go to and click on Create Your Blog. It is a matter then of going through each stage to register and get the type of free blog website you want with your own login details, etc.

To start writing, just click on Create Post and off you go! You can even add photographs and links, etc.

You now have your own Blog and you can write as little or as often as you wish to. When I say your own blog, I must point out that actually it doesn’t totally belong to you! It will be for your use, but will always belong to

There is also a free website service by Google called Google Sites and you can quick build a good looking website very quickly, absolutely free.

Slightly Better Blogging Websites

You may or may not have heard of WordPress websites, but they have a 29% share of all of the websites on the internet, which is huge! If you find that you are using your Blog website, then the next step would be to move to WordPress.

WordPress is very search engine friendly for the spiders of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and would be well worth upgrading to. It is not free, but is very low cost indeed.

Here again, you do not own the website or the name of the website (URL) but are allowed to use it indefinitely.

WordPress Blog Websites

If you want a step up in performance, then you need to make the move to WordPress. Just go to the WordPress website and click on the Get Started link. This will then take you to 4 separate pages where you fill in your details and the type of website you are thinking of.

Click on the Beginner option if this is your first time registering and it will take you through the steps simply and easily.

On Page 2 you can enter what you would like to call your website and it will then give you suggestions and recommendations of what is suitable and still available. You can start with the Personal Plan at only £3 per month and then create your account and website.

Are You Really Serious About Blogging?

This option is the best of all 3 and is recommended for the serious blogger that is going to continue with their website for a long time.

You can of course start with this option and skip the other 2 previous options if you are serious about it, as I only list the others to help people decide if it is really for them first, without making any great commitments or expense.

With this option, you need a domain and hosting. Eh? Let me explain.

Domain Name

A domain is just what you type into the internet to get your website. My domain for this website in full is:

You can choose whatever domain name you want, providing it is available. So, the first step is to get the domain name you want and are happy with.

However, getting a domain is not enough to get the website going, as you need hosting as well.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting is basically the company that puts your website onto the internet so it can be seen by everyone.

Think of it like a computer hard-drive somewhere on the internet where your blog will be held.

WordPress Domain Name & Hosting Together

It is possible to go to one company to buy your domain name and a different company for your hosting. To be honest, it makes sense to go to the same company for both and that way it is seamless.

You can choose any company you want, but I am going to through in a recommendation here to use Siteground for both. I have been with them for some time now and have found them to be excellent in every way. I know that sounds like a sweeping statement, but I have tried out s few companies along the way, but I am sticking now with Siteground.

They specialise in hosting WordPress websites too and with their competitive prices and great support, what more can I say?!

Start your own blog for free today and join the thousands of others making an income from it as well.

The next article is What Is Blogging All About.

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