Google Adsense advertising is one of the greatest revenue income methods a blogger can have.

Learn to treat it with respect and keep to the rules and you will reap the rewards!

However, put a foot wrong and you could jeopardise your whole Google Adsense account.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a series of adverts that Google can display on your website and the great thing about the service is it can target the adverts to your audience.

Google adsense

The targeting of the adverts can be based on the content of each page or post it is displayed on, but can also be set to display adverts on subjects that Google thinks people are looking for too.

I do not know of any other advert display network that is as intelligent at advert placements and as rewarding as Google Adsense to be honest.

When and Where to Use?

For me, I use it on all of my websites all of the time. Job done!

There were restrictions on the number and types of adverts you could use, although this seems to have been relaxed recently.

However, I still stick to the original guidelines of up to three content units, up to three link units, up to two search boxes and that publishers may not place more than one “large” ad unit per page or post.

My thinking is, better safe than sorry.

Adsense Workings

I will do a separate page on all the different settings that you can use in Adsense, as there is really a lot you can do and personalise to your website.

Things like picking and choosing what advertisers you want to appear on your website, the different advert sizes and the most common and best converting sizes and even the colours used in the adverts themselves.

You can use Adsense as a Search function on your website too and it is much more efficient and quicker than the standard Search function that come with WordPress and there is also the added opportunity of people clicking on the adverts results to earn you more revenue as well.

Recently Adsense have introduced Matched Content Adverts which is basically like the Related Posts plugins you can add on to most sites, but again, it works efficiently as Google knows what they are doing and it is possible to gain revenue from this as well.

As you can see, I am a real Google Adsense punter! I have tried other advertising programmes, but believe me, nothing is as good as Google Adsense.

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