With over 50,000 WordPress Plugins available and most of them being free, you will have your work cut out to sift through them all to see which ones are going to work best for you.

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In this section of the website I am going to have a look at the long standing and well trusted plugins that I think you should be using, but also looking at the latest released WordPress plugins to see what they do and if they will suit your set up.

How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Have?

Ah yes, this is a good old question that has been asked over and over again!

Care to take a guess? Out of 50,000 plugins to choose from, I would recommend only installing 20 as a maximum to be honest.

That means you have to be ruthless with your choices and make sure what you are adding to your website is going to vastly improve things, otherwise you should think again.

Some plugins that look good and are pretty comprehensive in nature and you might consider adding, might actually slow down the speed of your website and therefore negating any perceived benefits.

And you thought plugins were straightforward and easy!

Plugins that are definite maybes

As I develop this section, I will have a page on the plugins that I think are a must for every website owner to have, so as you can consider these first.

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