Using More Than One Focus Keyword

Using More Than One Focus Keyword get ahead of the pack seo

Using more than one focus keyword can really help give a SEO boost to your website, but not many people have caught onto it yet.

Read on a bit further to find out the best methods to use.

Using multiple focus keywords gives you a great opportunity to “get ahead of the pack”.

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Using A Focus Keyword

It is really good practice to have your focus keyword in your URL, Main Title <h1>, Page Title <h2> and your first paragraph and also mentioned a few times in your body text.

This will all help the search engine spiders to understand exactly what your content is and what your page is about when they come to visit.

This is one of the great properties of the Yoast SEO plugin, whether it is the free or paid for version.

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Focus Keywords

Using More Than One Focus Keyword – Synonyms

It used to be that you could only use one focus keyword per page, but recent updates of the plugin now allow you to have up to 5 focus keywords.

This is a brilliant improvement and allows for more scope to optimize your webpage and website overall.

The recommendation is to use your primary focus keyword first and then add similar focus keywords using synonyms, to try to capture more traffic to your page.

Using this method will also help prevent separate pages competing against each other for ranking.

When you use additional focus keywords with synonyms, you will not get the SEO “green button” as these new keywords will not be exactly the same as your original keyword phrase.

Introducing My Booster Multiple Keywords Method!

If you use long tail keywords like I do, then this is going to work out fine for you.

Also, if you are good at “spot the word” games, then you will be good at this too!

Have a look at this example from one of my financial websites:

You can see that the main focus keyword for the page is: “Bad Credit Instant Loans Direct Lenders Only” and this is the main title, page title, URL, etc. and it’s mentioned in the snippet too.

What I do then is to try to spot other keyphrases using the focus keyword and in this case I was able to com up with additional phrases like:

  1. “Bad Credit Instant Loans”
  2. “Instant Loans Direct Lenders”
  3. “Direct Lenders Only”

Then, as you can see, I add these as additional keyphrases and because I am using this method, I get all “green buttons” showing good SEO.

You need to always check the notes to make sure the phrase has not been used before on your website, which is a great check in case you go too far!

All these keyphrases will “feed” off each other and will be totally relevant.

It’s early days for me as I have just come up with the idea, but I have tried it and it does give a boost to the pages concerned

Why not give it a try and see if it helps your pages too and lt me know how you get on.

If I haven’t explained this too well, please do get in touch and thanks for reading about Using More Than One Focus Keyword.

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Now There Is Rank Math SEO Plugin!

Since writing this article, I have since changed to the Rank Math SEO plugin instead. Have a look at my review of the plugin and also the reviews on WordPress too.

It is an exceptional plugin and I am very pleased with it. It is currently free and has more functions than the paid version of the Yoast plugin, including being able to add multiple focus keywords without paying a premium!

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