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Rank Math SEO Plugin Review – Sometimes something comes along that puts a bit of excitement in your tummy!

That is exactly how I feel after using the Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin from MyThemeShop.

Which WordPress SEO Plugin Is Best?

Haven’t you searched for which WordPress SEO plugin is best, read a lot of articles and still been not sure which one to try? You are no different to me either, as I have tried most of them out there including Yoast SEO, All In One Plugin, SEO Framework, Squirrly, etc.

In fact, I even removed the Yoast SEO plugin from one of my websites as an experiment which you can read about, but having done it, I would not recommend having any website without a SEO plugin at all to be honest. 

Why Rank Math SEO Plugin?

So far, from my initial experiences, it is like:

“you have tried the rest, now try the best!”

Well, at the moment it is free to download, but you must register on their Facebook page in order to get the download link.

MyThemeShop are still debating as to whether they will eventually charge for the plugin or maybe even have a basic free version with premium addons, but at the minute, if you download the plugin from their closed Facebook page, they say you will never have to pay for it, ever!

MyThemeShop have just released the Rank Math SEO plugin download into the WordPress area and you can either search for it in the “Add Plugin” section of your WordPress website or use this link.

What Is So Good About Rank Math SEO Plugin?

It has everything you need in one place and it works well. I also use the Schema Theme from MyThemeShop, which is one of the fastest and cleanest WordPress themes around and it works seamlessly together with the Rank Math plugin.

This is a huge advantage when your WordPress theme and the SEO plugin that you are using on the same website, is from the same supplier. I did an article on comparing the themes of MyThemeShop and the Genesis Framework when I had just moved to MyThemeShop and I am really now very glad I did so at the time.

I do not think there is any point me repeating the details of the Rank Math SEO plugin here and it would be far better to direct you to their website for full details, including how to set it up. I do propose to do a future article about the best settings to use, however, as I have found out be trial and error.

You might also like to read the honest reviews of people who have been using the plugin for a while, as they do read really well on the plugin website.

My Own Findings?

I thought you might ask that! Just look at this chart! You can guess when I added the Rank Math SEO Plugin. I have enjoyed a huge increase in traffic as you can see:

qfl stats

As you can see, I am truly happy with the performance and I am going to be sticking with it.

Why not give it a try? You can migrate your settings over and retain them if you ever want to go back to your original plugin. This is really a game changer i my opinion and I have no doubt it will affect the existing big names in WordPress SEO plugins. This is definitely a Rank Math Vs Yoast review!

I am happy to answer any questions or queries that you might have after reading this article on the Rank Math plugin review, but I would advise you to just at least download the Rank Math SEO plugin today whist it is still free and give it a test!

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