PWA Progressive Web App And Google Adsense

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PWA Progressive Web App And Google Adsense – I wrote the following article after my initial experiences with PWA in WordPress using the AMP version on a mobile phone.

When it comes to using AMP in WordPress, there are two main plugins that are used; the original AMP version by or AMP for WP by Ahmed and Mohammed Kaludi.

I use the AMP for WP plugin on all of my websites, as it is much more versatile and allows you to do things like converting Pages to AMP not just Posts, personalise the look of Posts and Pages and allowing easy insertion of the two codes for Google Adsense Auto AMP ads in the head and content sections of just the AMP pages.

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PWA Progressive Web App Features

For those who have not had an app constructed for their website, then this is the next best thing in my opinion. You can activate the PWA module within the AMP for WP plugin, which is currently free of charge. 

Once the PWA is activated, it launches a new separate WordPress plugin, in which you can change the styling options, etc. If you style in the same colours as your original website, it really does work well and looks much better.

PWA Progressive Web App And Google Adsense Problems!

After getting all the settings and visuals I wanted to make, I was kinda pleased with the final look of the websites on AMP using PWA.

However, (why is there always a “however” when I try things out for the first time?) my Google Adsense earnings for the next couple of days were only a fraction of what they normally were! They had tanked.

I kept checking the websites and eventually I noticed the Adsense Auto Ads for AMP stopped showing completely on the mobile versions. Panic stations! I quickly removed the PWA plugin and cleared the cache, but it took a couple of days for my normal traffic and Adsense earnings to return.

PWA and Adsense Don’t Play Well Together!

So my conclusion is that if you do not use Adsense ads, by all means use the Progressive Web App from the free AMP for WP plugin. BUT if you use Google Adsense ads in any of your websites, then according to my own experience, your ads will not show up properly and your earnings will drop significantly.

You have been warned!

See also enable adsense amp auto ads wordpress.

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