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How To Enable Adsense AMP Auto Ads WordPress Easily – Google Adsense have a great new feature of AMP Auto Ads and it is very easy to install on your WordPress website to get the maximum benefit.

Want To Install and Enable Adsense AMP Auto Ads WordPress Easily?

Before writing this I did a search on Google, but I found that most articles were giving very complicated advice on how they would do it, which included editing your WordPress Theme’s header.php file and amending the code, but the is a much simpler way of doing this and it is not a stand alone plugin either.

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Which AMP Plugin?

Which WordPress AMP plugin are you using? There is the standard AMP for WordPress plugin by Automattic which most people seem to be using, but it is really very basic and can cause some errors in the Google Search Console.

There is another alternative AMP plugin that is much more versatile and can be used instead and it is the AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress by Ahmed Kaludi and Mohammed Kaludi.

You really should be using this plugin instead as you can do so much more with your AMP pages and I intend to do a full article on it shortly too.

Easy Implimentation

So, to get your AMP Auto Ads working exactly as they should, you need to insert 2 pieces of Google Adsense code on every AMP page only – not on non-AMP pages.

Go to your AMP for WP, then Settings and then the Advanced Settings tab and you should see the 2 places to enter the codes, as per below:

wordpress admin area

Go to your Adsense account and click on Optimisation and then Labs. In here you can enable AMP Auto ads – Text & display and then click on Get Code.

A popup will give you the 2 separate codes you need; one for the Head and one for the Body. Save Changes and you are done.

The code will only be on the AMP pages of your website and Google Adsense will deliver the best adverts and positioning possible to give you maximum return.

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