Why Are My Adsense Ads Not Showing On Mythemeshop Website?

I recently had this problem with my Adsense ads not showing on Mythemeshop website and it took me a while to figure out what the problem was.

I do not totally trust technology I must admit and occasionally check and double check that all my plugins and settings are working correctly and displaying things as they should be.

My Google Adsense Adverts Were Not Displaying

When I went to each page of each website to check my Adsense adverts were displaying, I found that they were not displaying on most of the posts and pages, but not on all. This was very concerning, as this would obviously affect income.

The first place I checked was the Advanced Ads plugin settings that I use to inject and display my adverts.

adsense ads not showing on mythemeshop website advanced ads banner

I made some changes to the settings and checked again, but the same problem existed.

I then thought it might have something to do with my cache settings with the Siteground hosting I use. They have 3 levels of caching and I turned each off in turn to see if it would make any difference, but no solution found.

This mean’t the Advanced Ads plugin and Siteground’s caching were all working as they should be.

mythemeshop banner

Mythemeshop Schema Theme Problem

To cut a long investigation and search short, I discovered it was actually some of the settings in the Theme Options section, as I use the Schema Theme from Mythemeshop on most of my websites.

When you go into Theme Options, then click on Performance.

The setting that caused the problems were the Async JavaScript and Remove ver parameters and once I turned these both to Off, the problem disappeared!

Google Adsense Ads and Mythemeshop Settings

You therefore need to be very careful of these settings if you have a Mythemeshop theme and also use Google Adsense adverts, as you could be losing money every day!

Thank you for reading about Adsense Ads Not Showing On Mythemeshop Website, which I hope will be of some assistance.

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