Work From Home Or From A Campervan Anywhere

getting ready for camper van trip away work from home or from a campervan anywhere

Isn’t technology wonderful that you can either work from home or from a campervan anywhere!

All you need is a an internet connection and a laptop.

Brilliant and no problems at all – really?

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The Campervan Outing With A Difference

So, I headed out in the campervan last Saturday with my wife and we were travelling to Larne in Northern Ireland.

My wife is a swimming coach and had a gala last Saturday, so I said I would take her down in our new campervan and I would work while she was at the gala.

All good.

Time to Plug In

With wife duly delivered to the gala at Larne swimming pool, I went a little way around the coast to overlook the sea and see the ferries coming in and out whilst I worked.

It was really a lovely day and I took the dog for a walk first before setting up in the campervan. I got the laptop setup on the table and plugged the mains plug into a 12V/240V DC/AC inverter and then switched on the MiFi device from Three Mobile.

Can I just say at this point that Three Mobile are about the best deal for mobile broadband and I have got an “all you can eat” device and sim card that allows you to connect up to 5 devices on their wifi. Very clever.

Anyway, the ferry from Scotland was coming in and the kettle was on and so was the laptop, so time for a bit of working from “home”.

ferry ship coming into larne harbour from cairnryan

You Can Work From Home Or From A Campervan Anywhere

So, laptop plugged in and working, mobile internet plugged in and working well, dog walked and sleeping and a hot cuppa, I was off to work!

I get a bit of a kick out of being able to work anywhere and I aim to publish a few more articles to help you do the same if you are interested. The time flew in until I get a call on my mobile from my wife: “I’m finished at the gala, where are you?”

Opps! I hadn’t realised the time, so got everything packed and back in their places, jumped into the driver’s seat and turned the ignition key. Nothing! I had drained the van’s battery.

I didn’t realise how long I had been online drawing juice from the van battery to power my laptop for hours using the plugin inverter. I rang my wife back “Em, er, I’m stuck!”

It was a bit embarrassing I have to confess, but I told her I would ring the breakdown service to get them to come out with jump leads and get the van started.

A Total Breakdown

I had just got the van and we had a previous van. The previous van was with a different insurer to the new van. The previous insurers included a breakdown service. Yes, you guessed it; the new insurers did not!

Drat! I wasn’t covered.

I then rang my insurers for my car, as I knew I had breakdown cover on it, but they said it was the vehicle that was covered and not the driver. No joy.

Just then a 4 x 4 work-horse vehicle drew up close to me. The driver had got a burger and came to the seafront to eat it in peace. I hated disturbing him, but I asked him if he had jump leads and if he could help me out after his lunch.

I don’t know the guy’s name, but he was such a helpful man and it was no bother to him at all. Soon we were firing on all cylinders again and I quickly went to pick up my wife. Phew!

Technology at it’s best

As I said before, isn’t technology wonderful.

However, I have learned my lesson from this incident and charge the campervan battery every hour now by starting the engine for a while AND I now have breakdown cover too!

It’s great to be able to work anywhere, as long as everything works!

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