Cloudflare Rocket Loader Adsense

Cloudflare Rocket Loader Adsense

Cloudflare Rocket Loader Adsense – the question is, does the Cloudflare Rocket Loader setting affect Google Adsense adverts in any way?

This is a very important question if you use Adsense for revenue on your WordPress website, as you do not want anything to interfere with that.

What is Cloudflare Rocket Loader?

Well, it’s not rocket science, or maybe it is? The official Cloudflare definition of Rocket Loader is:

“a general-purpose asynchronous JavaScript loader coupled with a lightweight virtual browser which can safely run any JavaScript code after window.onload”

Nice description! However, what does it really mean in practical terms and what does it actually do when you activate it.

It’s fast and depending on the size of your website, it can be very fast.

It is definitely worth a try if you want to speed up your website and we all know that Google loves quick websites and will reward them with higher positions in the rankings, which leads to more traffic. I did an article here on Cloudflare Free Review.

Use Rocket Loader With Caution!

As I say, definitely worth a test on your website, but be sure to check everything on your site to make sure it is rending properly and keep checking too.

Don’t Use Rocket Loader With Google Adsense!

This is my own personal experience of using both together. I was told by Cloudflare that there “might” be a problem or conflict when using Rocket Loader on a website with Adsense adverts on it.

I use Adsense on all my websites and I have carried out a number of test to see if there was any conflict. When I viewed the websites they looked fine and I could see all the Adsense adverts displaying fine. However, my Adsense stats and revenue told me a completely different story.

There was definitely a conflict and I immediately removed Rocket Loader. After removing Rocket Loader, my Adsense stats and revenue eventually returned to normal again.

I wasn’t testing anything else at the time, so in my experience I have found a conflict with Rocket Loader and Google Adsense adverts.

The Cloudflare Rocket Loader Adsense Problem

CloudFlare stands between your website and visitors to your website. So Google Adsense sees CloudFlare as the traffic origin instead of the visitor.

This means it is actually the IP address of the CloudFlare server that is visible, instead of the visitor’s IP address. This is not good.

Due to this Google displays ads relevant to the location of the CloudFlare server, instead of the real visitor’s location.

For example, if an original visitor is from India and the CloudFlare server that is catering the request is in the USA, then the visitor will see ads relevant to a visitor from the USA. This wrong geo targeting of ads results in less CTR and hence less earnings from Adsense.

You can see ads in language other than English (assuming the visitor is from English speaking region) the CloudFlare server catering the request is in other region.

Not getting real IP address (that is ip address of visitors), but instead getting CloudFlare ip address could actually jeopardise your Google Adsense account, as this is strictly against their terms and conditions!


If you do not use Google Adsense and do not have Adsense adverts on your website, I would say to give Cloudflare and Rocket Loader a try. If you do use Adsense adverts, then I would be very careful, as I know I will not be using both together again due to my experiences with it.

I understand from Cloudflare that they are working on a replacement for Rocket Loader which is due out soon and I would like to give that a test when it is launched.

If anything further develops on the Cloudflare Rocket Loader Adsense setup, I will update it here.

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