Titles And Metas Posts And Pages Yoast SEO Best Settings

Titles And Metas Posts And Pages Yoast SEO Best Settings

Titles And Metas Posts And Pages Yoast SEO Best Settings – DONT LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT YOAST!

You may think that statement is a bit over the top, but it’s down to months of different trials, changes, tests, experiments; you name it and I have tried it.

And The Best Settings Are?

Right here.

It’s Yoast’s plugin and they know the correct settings, as they built the plugin from scratch.

No point me listing them all here again when you can go straight to their page to get the up to date version.

So Why The Rant?

If you do a search on Google to get the Yoast best settings, it’s not just the Yoast webpage you will find, but a whole list of other SEO websites giving their opinions too.

Get The Titles And Metas Posts And Pages Yoast SEO Best Settings

If you read through some of the non-Yoast webpages, you will find that there is sometimes a difference of opinion on how the plugin should be setup.

Each writer may have their own little tweaks and quirks and changes that they think will work better than the original instructions.

Of course you will also get websites that say that you should not use Yoast at all and recommend using other SEO plugins instead (some quite strongly!)

So, when I was first starting out, I setup my first website exactly like Yoast recommend, but then of course you read these other articles suggesting various changes that they say will make your site rank far better.

Yes, you guessed, I started changing the settings again and again and the more I read, the more I found out that some SEO “experts” contradicted other SEO “Experts” – well, what a surprise!

Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)

I ended up (eventually!) going back to the settings recommended by Yoast, who are the original creators of the plugin and maintain the plugin and know all about the plugin too!

Of course everyone has their own views and are free to do whatever they think is best for them.

I am only telling you about my own experiences of this plugin in the hope it will save you a lot of time and money in setting up correctly Titles And Metas Posts And Pages Yoast SEO Best Settings.

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By Brian Hillier

I have run my own businesses since the 1980's and I have always tried to go for niche type businesses and sectors, rather than so called main stream. This has included Quantity Surveying, Mobile Phones when they first came out and now Finance and SEO. I love the challenge of ranking website pages in the search engines!