Fix Too Many Redirects Error WordPress Problems

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Fix Too Many Redirects Error WordPress Problems – this is something you might be totally unaware of, but can really badly affect the SEO of your website.

I don’t know if you are like me or not, but when I come up with a new idea for my WordPress websites, I just have to carry out all the changes to get it live to see how the sites perform.

Search Console – Yoast SEO

This is an absolutely fantastic plugin to use for SEO and I use it on all of my websites.

Yes, there are other SEO plugins available for free or to purchase, but I am more than happy with the detail and the performance of Yoast.

If you go into the SEO plugin, you will see a tab for the Search Console and if you have linked up your Google Webmaster’s account, this will display the URL’s of pages that people have not been able to access, like 404 errors.

If someone tries to access a page they have been given in a search engine search or by clicking on a link to the website and if that particular page or post has been changed, moved or deleted, they will not be able to access the page or post but will be given the “Error 404 Not Found” page and a search bar.

It is very important that when you change, move or delete a page or post URL, that you redirect it to another suitable page.

This not only means that people clicking on “old” links will get to a suitable page instead of a Not Found page, helping to retain that person, but also that the search engines know that the URL has changed and can crawl the website easier and pass any link juice too.

How Do You Fix Too Many Redirects

The paid version of the Yoast SEO plugin has a tab for Redirects, which makes life easy!

If and when a URL shows up in the Search Console as being a 404 error, it is very easy to add a redirect to the new page or post.

Also, when you do change a page or post for any reason, you can go straight to the Redirects page and add your redirect, which ensures people searching get to the correct new page seamlessly.

So far so good!

Too Many Redirects

So, I found as I came up with each great idea, I was redirecting pages time and time again and it ended up I had pages and page of redirects!

When I looked through the redirects I had made, some of them were redirecting to old pages and some were doing two or three or more redirects!

Not good.

Too many redirects could cause you big errors on your website if you are not careful.

You need to make sure every redirect is exactly correct and when updating any page, you must check all redirects again and again in case you are causing an error.

Fix Too Many Redirects Error WordPress Problems redirection arrows
Fix Too Many Redirects Error WordPress Problems

Fix Too Many Redirects Error WordPress Problems – The Solution

With pages and pages of redirects, I could find only one drastic solution – delete every single redirect I had made!

Yes, it sounds drastic and it is, but it’s really the only way to make sure any new redirects are correct. You then just keep checking your Search Console for any errors and then create a redirect for it.

This way you know you only have redirects for the pages you need and that are being searched for.

Problem solved!

I hope this article on Fix Too Many Redirects Error WordPress Problems was some assistance to you.

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