Mythemeshop Content Locker Review

Mythemeshop Content Locker Review row of metal lockers

Mythemeshop have a free plugin called Content Locker, which is why I thought it might be worthwhile having a Mythemeshop content locker review.

What does the Mythemeshop content locker plugin do?

In their advertising, Mythemeshop states that the content locker plugin:

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“Content Locker is the tool that can transform your online business and take it to the next level.

Get visitors to ‘pay’ for content by liking, sharing or signing up and watch as your numbers swell!

Build a powerful community and increase your email marketing efficiency several fold!”

So, when you land on a website using the content locker plugin, there will be a full page popup presenting you with social media options to Like and Share.

For example, the social locker example looks like this:

Mythemeshop Content Locker Review example

and the sign-in locker example here:

Mythemeshop Content Locker Review example
Mythemeshop Content Locker Review

Getting more social likes and shares

There is no doubt that a website with this plugin should get more social likes and shares, providing the person entering the website complies.

There is also no doubt that Google treats likes and shares as SEO signals.

You just know there is a BUT coming……


I have to say, it is not for me!

I have seen this plugin in action and every time I have been presented with liking or sharing, I have come off the website instead!

I have also asked other people I know and they say the same thing as I do.

So, instead of increasing likes and shares, there is a potential to reduce the traffic looking at your website pages and indeed increasing your bounce rate too.

Mythemeshop Content Locker Review Conclusion

I have not even trialled it to see how it performs to be honest, but I would be very interested if you have tested it and what you think of the plugin.

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