RevenueHits Alternative To Google Adsense

revenuehits alternative to google adsense

You might be already using Google Adsense and you are looking for an extra revenue stream and RevenueHits would be a great fit.

Perhaps you have lost your Adsense account and you are looking for an alternative to replace it with? You might have applied for a new Adsense account and have been turned down?

Adsense have very strict criteria when you apply for a new account with them and they are constantly monitoring your account for any discrepancies. Happen you click one of their adverts on your own website, even by accent? Your account could be terminated!

Take RevenueHits For A Test

The following are the main advantages:

  • no minimum website traffic required
  • text ads, shadow box, video ads or GIFs
  • proprietary anti-pop-adblocker
  • desktop interstitials
  • optimized conversion strategy
  • payments by PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer and even Bitcoin

Get more details on the RevenueHits website.

By Brian Hillier

I have run my own businesses since the 1980's and I have always tried to go for niche type businesses and sectors, rather than so called main stream. This has included Quantity Surveying, Mobile Phones when they first came out and now Finance and SEO. I love the challenge of ranking website pages in the search engines!

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