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Best WordPress Theme Fastest Page Speed – I’m not sure about you, but are you ever satisfied that you have the best theme AND the fastest loading page speed possible?

A Never Ending Aspiration to have the best WordPress Theme Fastest Page Speed

That is the way it appeals to me, as you are always trying to get the best looking yet fastest page loading website possible.

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That said, I think I have come pretty close to doing this and would like to share my current WordPress Theme and setup with you, so as you can replicate this for your own websites if you want to.

What WordPress Theme?

I am using the MyThemeShop Schema Theme on virtually all of my websites now.

I started off using it on one of my financial websites first as a test and it performed so well that I have added it to most of the other sites now. The Schema Theme is very fast due to the clean coding that has been used.

In fact, why don’t you do a search on the MyThemeShop Schema Theme and you will discover that it is not just me that is saying this! I admit that it is not the most attractive theme in the world, but it works.

Nice looks or SEO traffic: you decide.

What Hosting Is Used?

Phew! I really do not remember how many different hosting companies I have tried. From the cheapest to the totally dedicated WordPress websites hosting companies.

Right now I am with SiteGround for the hosting on my main websites using their Cloud account. They have very competitive starter accounts, which is where I started off and then progressed up the ladder a bit.

You should pick a package that includes their Supercacher 3 levels of caching as standard; Static Cache, Dynamic Cache and Memcached.

When all 3 are activated it really does work exceptionally well and there is no need for any additional plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, etc.

The support is either through live chat or by posting a message, so you can get instant help with any problems.

I have never been kept waiting on the live chat I must say.

Which SEO Plugin is Fastest?

I have always been a Yoast fan up until recently, but now I feel that it is slowing my websites down.

It was a great tool in the early days for learning about search engine optimisation, but to take the next step, I had to use a plugin less bloated.

I am currently using the new Rank Math SEO Plugin from Mythemeshop, which is really light and easy to use.

It has just been launched and I would recommend you give it a trial.

You can easily transfer all your Yoast data over to Rank Math, so you will not lose any of your hard work at meta descriptions, etc.

To CDN or Not to CDN?

Just do it!

It makes a huge difference to both traffic levels and speed too.

I was with Maxcdn, who are now know as Stackpath and whilst they were good, they were expensive compared to others.

Now? I am with KeyCDN now who are so much cheaper and just as reliable. So easy to set up as well and you can have your own Zonealias free of charge as well. This website uses

Anything Else?

If you display adverts on your webpage, including Google Adsense, a fast and easy to use program is Advanced Ads.

You can position your ads just about anywhere on pages, posts, etc. and they load quickly too.

Oh yes, the speed test, of course. Here you are:

Page Speed test

Thanks for reading Best WordPress Theme With Fastest Page Speed and you might also be interested in check best php version for your WordPress website.

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