Gaming the Google Network?

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Have you just received an email from Google Adwords saying that you are guilty of Gaming the Google Network? This is something you definitely do NOT want to ever receive, although I have received one!

Find out more be reading this article and be very careful to keep on the right side of Google.

The email text goes something like this:

“Gaming the Google Network: We don’t allow practices aimed at circumventing or interfering with Google’s systems and processes. Examples of such behaviour include cloaking and attempting to bypass our automated system checks by manipulating ad text or site content. We take this violation very seriously and consider it to be an egregious violation of our policies. 

Advertisers or sites that are found to be gaming the Google Network will be suspended and won’t be allowed to advertise with us again.

See the policy: Google Adwords Policy

It does strike terror in your bones when received I have to admit, as this is a very serious violation of their policies.

Find Out What To Do About Gaming the Google Network

It really all depends on what you have done to be honest!

Sometimes it is totally a pure accident that it has happened and if you try to work with Google Adwords staff, they are willing to look at the circumstances.

The first thing to do is ACT FAST!

Don’t try to delete the offense

This is the worse thing you can do. You need to face up to the problem quickly and try to make it right quickly.

Deleting the offending keyword, advert or whatever the violation is, makes no difference to Google Adwords at all.

They can still see it and want you to deal with it and fix it.

What I did wrong

I had no idea what I had done wrong when I received their violation email and I must admit I did begin to panic.

Can I explain what happened in my circumstances in case it might help you?

Everything was going tickety boo for a good while before getting the dreaded email. I use WordPress for all my websites, as I highly rate it.

However, WordPress went through a stage of adding a “-2” to the end of just a few of my pages for some reason (I explain this in a separate article), which mean’t I had to go into Google Adwords and amend the URL’s in the adverts adding the “-2” until I could figure out what was happening.

Anyway, the problem was with a content type campaign that I had paused for some time.

The paused campaign had the original URL’s without the new “-2” ending and to be honest I had forgotten about that, as the campaign was not showing as it was not active. Google Adwords still check your paused or even deleted campaigns and this through up a fault on their system.

Their robots were checking the original URL’s and were being diverted to another page with the “-2” being added to the page URL, which they do not allow. A very simple mistake, but it could have cost me my whole Adwords account.

Gaming the Google Network Google Appliance

Deliberate Mistakes

Of course, you always get those who are dishonestly trying to manipulate the system and to be honest, they are the accounts that will be shut down.

Repeated Adwords Violations

Always keep your Adwords account clean, tidy and in compliance with Google’s policies and feel free to contact them directly if there is something you are unsure of, as they will carry out a free consultation of your account if you spend a certain amount with them every month.

Remember, you definitely do not want to receive an email from Google Adwords saying this:

“Repeated violations of our Advertising Policies may result in a suspension of your AdWords account, so it’s important to address any issues as soon as possible by reviewing our policies. You can review our Advertising Policies at: Google Advertising Policies

Hopefully this article on Gaming the Google Network will help you not fall foul of the big G!

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