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SEO is one of the most exciting ways to promote your website online. It’s free to use and although there is so much to learn, it really is worthwhile investing in it.

For years I have been paying out on PPC (Pay Per Click) to both Google Adwords and Bing, which was okay as I was making a profit off them too.

In recent years I have thrown myself into the deep end with SEO and I have to say, it’s a constantly learning skill. Initially I knew virtually nothing about SEO, but with much trial and error along the way, I have now totally stopped PPC and rely on SEO to earn a nice income.

The great thing about Search Engine Optimisation? It’s FREE organic listings! So, it’s free traffic! Nice.

website search engine optimisation seo

Website Search Engine Optimization

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This did not happen overnight let me tell you and I have read so many articles on the web about SEO, I think I could write a book or two on the subject.

However, there is so much that I have read and then implemented on my websites that seemed to be good ideas, but they turned out to be useless.

There are so many WordPress Plugins that you can download and use free of charge, but again, there were some plugins that you would guess would really help a website, but turned out actually to be harmful.

I have read some of the articles from the big names in SEO and even they will sometimes disagree with strategies too.

I have had to learn Search Engine Optimisation from the bottom up and try and fail quite a number of times, but I feel I have now found out for myself what works and what doesn’t work.

I’m happy to share this experience with you, so as you can short cut to the best procedures, plugins, etc. you should be using.

That’s why I started this new website in addition to all my other websites, so hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and my successes too.

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